3 Reasons Women Switch to Vegan Skin Care Products

More Women are Making The Switch. Here's why...

If you’re on the fence about switching to vegan beauty products, we’re going to give you the top three reasons our customers tell us why they are making the switch.



They Are Avoiding Animal Tested Products


This is by far the number one reason we hear when women tell us that they are switching to our products. Vegan beauty products are never tested on animals and therefore they are 100 percent cruelty-free.


They Want Healthier and Younger Skin


We know you want exactly that... healthier and younger looking skin (and who doesn't?).


Treating your skin well is as crucial as eating well. When you use fewer chemicals on your skin, your body becomes more naturally balanced, which means you won’t age as quickly and maintain a natural glow.


Vegan skin care products are also known to be better for sensitive skin because of the absence of chemicals..


They Want to Make a Difference


They understand that their choices have a greater purpose and want to support companies that don't harm animals.



By switching to vegan skin care, you’re not only supporting an amazing cause, but you’re also picking healthier beauty products for your skin, too.



It's so important to remember that most of what you put on your skin will actually go into your skin. That is why it is so important to know exactly what is in your skincare.

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Gluten Free
Perfume Free
Jenine Diers

At Untouchable Beauty Skin Care, we create our products with two goals in mind:


1) Make products with the highest quality safe ingredients and 2) Use ingredients that will give you the skin you have always wanted!


All our products are vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free and contain no added scents or perfumes.

Untouchable Beauty was created by Denver-based, Esthetician, Jenine Diers.

"I have tried the body butter and it is by far the best moisturizer I have tried!


After using it my skin feels soft for days. I also really love the vitamin C serum.


I am in my 70’s and these products have softened my wrinkles and smoothed my skin. I highly recommend this skin care line for any age."

- Phyllis D., Facebook Review, January 7, 2018

"I have always struggled with acne my whole life and I started using these products only 2 months ago!


I have gained so much confidence in myself that I will go days without wearing makeup and just be natural and my face loves me for it!


I would definitely recommend Untouchable Beauty to anyone who has struggled because if it makes me feel as amazing as I do I know I other people would feel that same way!!"



- Alena L., Facebook Review, December 4, 2017

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